WhatsApp For PC Download Instal Whatsapp on Computer Windwos 7 Xp 8 Vista MAC OS

WhatsApp For PC Download Instal Whatsapp on Computer Windwos 7 Windows Xp Windows 8 Win Vista and MAC OS. How to Download and Instal WhatsApp for PC.
WhatsApp For PC: Unless and until you’re an instant messaging newbie, you should be definitely knowing about WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a leading cross-platform instant messaging application that is available on almost all known and popular mobile operating system’s such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian etc. WhatsApp can be downloaded for nearly all Mobile Operating Systems. Just visit official website in order to download this messenger application.WhatsApp for PC windows 8 is an incredibly popular program for communication between users . This application has gained great popularity among users of mobile platforms and now so many people want to see the program in their PC. No wonder Whatsapp enjoys such great popularity , according to some sources within the system each day goes billions , or even tens of billions of messages. WhatsApp Many experts predict that this method of communication in the future, even more popular than the current text messages .Already the allegations of some experts the number of users has exceeded the figure of one hundred million , and every day their number is growing. The program has become popular due to its ease and convenience , as well as to use interface and excellent functionality. Download WhatsApp and after installation you are able to assess the merits of the program and become a frequent user.

And one of the biggest disadvantages that can be pointed out for WhatsApp is that it does not have a PC friendly version compatible for major computer operating systems such as Windows or MAC. However, today we’re here with a simple yet effective method by which you can also start using WhatsApp on your computer running Windows operating system. Let’s see what are major feature of WhatsApp that you can also enjoy on Windows OS / Mac Computer after installing WhatsApp On PC.

Download WhatsApp For PC

WhatsApp Messenger Application Review

Before we actually move into the procedures to install WhatsApp on PC, lets quickly run down through a review for new WhatsApp users. Just Download Whatsapp and enjoy these features.

As I said WhatsApp is an instant messaging mobile software that was initially launched in 2009. And as of 2013, there are 300+ million active WhatsApp users out there. Apart from text messages, users can also send and receive photos, short videos, audio clippings etc. via WhatsApp which makes it very much appealing to hardcore messaging fans.

Instal WhatsApp on Computer

One does not require to signup to WhatsApp to avail its messaging feature, instead all you need is your mobile number. WhatsApp identifies you account with your mobile number and you can add other WhatsApp contacts using their mobile numbers.

Once a new contact is added to the contacts list on your mobile phone, WhatsApp automatically adds that user to your WhatsApp contacts list, provided he/she uses WhatsApp.
Another added functionality of WhatsApp is the ability to send broadcast messages to all of your WhatsApp contacts or else start a group messaging chat. Another popular chat messenger you can instal on your computer is WeChat For PC.

How To Download WhatsApp for PC

How To Install WhatsApp On PC

Now that you’ve been familiar with WhatsApp and its functionalities, lets move on to the tutorial that will teach you how to install WhatsApp on your PC running Windows operating system:

* First of all, make sure that you’ve installed BlueStacks Android Emulator software on your PC. If you haven’t, then it is compulsory in order to install WhatsApp on your computer.
* After installation, run the BlueStacks app.
* And then, login to your Google Account using your login credentials in order to avail services from the Google Play Store and download apps.
* Once you’ve completed setting up your Google Account, click on the “My Apps” button which can be located to the top left of the BlueStacks software window.
* From My Apps section, now click on “App Search” button which will open up the Google Play Store search.
* Type in “WhatsApp” and search.
* Download the WhatsApp Android application to your computer.
* Wait for the download process to complete. Then install the application on your desktop.
* Now, the WhatsApp application can be found under My Apps section under the BlueStacks Android Emulator software.
* Now you only need to configure your WhatsApp account by entering the mobile number that you want to sync with WhatsApp.
* Then you’ll receive a confirmation message to the respective mobile number. Paste the confirmation code and then you’re all set to use WhatsApp from your PC. IF you still are unable to run WhatsApp Messenger on your Computer or Mac, then watch the complete Tutorial Video below :

Now that was a simple tutorial on how to install WhatsApp on PC. I hope you found this tutorial helpful. In case of any comments or suggestions, please leave them below. Let us know if you are able to Run WhatsApp on PC or not.
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