WeChat For PC Download – How To Install WeChat On Windows Xp, 7, 8

WeChat For PC Download – How To Install WeChat On Windows Xp, 7, 8 .
Wechat for PC : Nowadays, we are connected through various media platforms. No matter where or how far we are, we all are connected somehow. These connections occur through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and also using other messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.Talking about messaging platforms, WeChat is yet another cross-platform messaging and networking application that was initially launched for devices running Android operating system. But now it is possible to instal WeChat on Computer using the Bluestacks Android Emulator.WeChat messaging platform is developed and managed by Tencent Technologies LTD. Like mos of the cross platform messengers out there, WeChat too allows you to send and receive messages from your contacts.Wechat is taken as best competitor for WhatsApp.

WeChat For PC
WeChat For Windows 7, Windows Xp, Vista Laptop, PC

WeChat messenger has already crossed a great milestone of over 300 million downloads from the Google Play Store. This itself shows the popularity of WeChat messenger, and how much users loves this app. Now let’s put some light over the main featured of WeChat Messenger .

Major Features of Wechat Application

The main features of WeChat that makes it unique from other cross platform messengers are:
* Ability to do voice and video calls: There are many cross platform messengers out there, but very few offers voice and video calling functionality. And among them, WeChat is the one that allows you to do crystal clear and smooth video and voice calls for free. Therefore, video and voice calling over messengers won’t be a pain anymore.

* Instant Messaging Functionality: The added instant messaging functionality along with the video and voice calls feature makes using WeChat messenger app really fun. You can do instant messaging for absolutely no cost at all. And more to tell, you can also start group messaging and also add animated smileys into your chat window. Hence, group chatting with close friends or secret circles will be super exciting and fun than ever.

WeChat For Windows 7, Windows Xp, Vista Laptop, PC

* Ability to send and receive photos and videos within the chat window: You’ll no longer need to search for a medium to share photos or videos with friends or contacts, whom you’re texting with. WeChat brings in the added functionality to send as well as receive both photos and videos within the chat window.

* Walkie Talkie Mode: WeChat adds in a very fun and innovative Walkie Talkie mode which replicates the functionality of a real Walkie Talkie. And the best feature is that, you can add upto 40 contacts from your WeChat messenger list to the Walkie Talkie mode and have fun.

* Syncing With Social Media’s: WeChat syncs in with your social media accounts such as Facebook. So that you don’t miss a chance to share, comment or like on photos, statuses or other updates of your Facebook contacts.

* Always Logged In: You do not need to login each time you wish to use WeChat as you’re always logged in and you never miss any bite of your WeChat contacts.

* Push Notifications: Whenever you receive a new message from any of your WeChat contacts, you immediately receive a push notification on your device with an alert of the message. Hence, you never miss any messages from your friends and loved one’s and can respond to them anytime.

How To Install WeChat On Computer Laptop

How To Install WeChat On PC

WeChat For PC : If you’re seeking for a tutorial on how to install WeChat application on your Desktop, then below is the detailed tutorial on how you can do so:
* First of all, make sure that you have already installed BlueStacks Android Emulator on your PC. Else download and install it.
* After installing the BlueStacks Android Emulator software, run the software.
* And then search for “WeChat” in BlueStacks app search bar.
* You’ll find WeChat in the following result.
* Simply download it and install on your computer and you’re done. If you don’t get the words then submit your comment that will help you to get WeChat installed on your Laptop or Personal Computer.

Now, that was a simple and easy tutorial on how to install WeChat Android application on your PC. I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Please leave your valuable suggestions and queries related to WeChat for Laptop Computer below.

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  1. sya says:

    after I install it shows error message that I have to connect to phone. Then how to do this?

    • Narender Chopra says:

      You are probably doing something wrong, their is no need to attach phone. Make sure to register with different phone number than the phone number you registered on mobile.

    • qasim says:

      can any one give me the software of we chat for PC …please send me on my email .

  2. neda says:

    I couldn’t install wechat on my computer

    • Narender Chopra says:

      May you please tell the exact error or problem that you are facing? Please be specific while pointing out why you are not able to run WeChat on PC.

  3. prasu says:

    i m using dongle
    and it is asking to connect phone……

  4. sawmin says:

    i need to wechat for pc

  5. qasim says:

    i don,t no how to install in pc plese tell me any one and give me wechat softwere

  6. Md. Karim Ullah says:

    i have skypy & msn massabger also. do i need extra email address to chat by wechat ?

  7. SHAHIN says:


  8. Navneet says:

    I’m unable to install wechat, whatsapp. Because as soon as the Requirement asks Bluestacks installed RAM of GB 2. But only 1 GB RAM in my PC. please give me solution for this problem.

  9. Urnaa says:

    I could not install WeChat for pc. I tried to install BlueStacks as it was said. But, when i start installing BlueStacks, it says that BlueStacks cannot recognize your computer graphics card. I also tried to scan QR code, but, it cannot be activated. What should i do? Please advise.

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