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Subway Surfers Game For PC Download Free Subway Surfer to Play on Computer Windows OS – MAC OS – Play Android Game Subway Surfers on Windows 7 , XP, 8, Vista.
Subway Surfers For PC : Subway surfers is amongst the most played and most popular Android game which has presented a tough competition to the reputation of Temple Run in the Android platform. Hopefully you do not require any kind of introduction to this amazing game. The game carries a very simple idea. This popular Android game is all about a guy helping save himself from an inspector simply because he was painting on a train.You will have to create the high score by running the max distance staying away from various hindrances coming in the way. Subway Surfers game is quite addictive on Android phones however if you do not have an Android phone , you need not to be worried because we have bought you the tutorial to get the Subway Surfers game running on your computer.Previously there was no version available to download Subway Surfers for PC. But now you can run Subway surfers on PC by making use of .apk file as well as by .exe file. Steps for running Subway Surfers by the two the methods are fairly easy. You just need to follow the following steps to make Subway surfers run on PC.

Subway Surfers For PC

Running via Subway Sufers.exe file

For running Subway Surfers for PC with the help of .exe file, all you need to do is to download and install the installation .exe file. The steps you need to follow are:

* Download the Subway Surfers .exe installation after searching it from the Google.
* Now save the downloaded setup file at the desktop.
* Run the installation setup file and follow the installation procedure.
* After the installation completes you will get a shortcut icon on the desktop.
* Now just double click the shortcut icon and a dialogue box will appear on your screen asking you about the resolution in which you would like to run the Subway Surfers PC game.
* Choose the screen resolution and then click on play.

You have to play the Subway Surfers game using mouse only. Keyboard is not required anywhere in the game.

Subway Surfers Game For PC Download

Running Subway Surfers on PC via .apk file

To play the game using .apk file, the first thing that you will need is an Android Emulator called Bluestacks. Bluestacks is a software that is used to run all kind of android applications on PC. The steps you need to follow to run .apk file is:

* Download Bluestack Software from the internet and install it on your computer.
* Now download the Subway Surfer .apk file from the internet and store it on your hard drive.
* After downloading the apk file double click on it. A dialogue box will appear asking you about the software that should run the file. From the list of different software select Bluestacks and click on “ok”.
* The game is going to install on its own after that. After the installation an icon will appear on the Bluestack software’s home screen.
* You can start playing the Subway Surfer game by just starting it on the icon on the Bluestack’s main screen.
You need to play the game using mouse only.

Subway surfers has become very popular in a very short period of time. After playing this game on smartphones, you will be surely enjoying this amazing Subway Surfers game on your computer. Hope you have no issue while using Subway Surfers For PC but if you have any then let us know Via Commenting.

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