How to Know who Visited Your Facebook Profile?

While viewing Facebook applications that your friends are using, you may be wondering that how it works. And many other questions may revolve in your mind such as Is it possible to see who visited my Facebook Profile? How to Know who Visited my Facebook Profile? . And our answer is yes, it is possible to know who viewed your Facebook profile to an extent. However most of applications who tells about your FB profile views / numbers are fake but still their is a manual method to know who visited your Facebook profile.

Nowadays, people are very much concerned about their online privacy. Privacy on social media accounts are of major concern for social media users. Social media users nowadays wants to keep track of their social media usage, online privacy and that who all are viewing their online profiles. By the release of facts that government organizations are peeking into people’s social media profiles have given rise to a big up rise amongst social media users.

Is it Possible to Know who Visited My Facebook Profile?

Facebook being the largest social media platform out there, also gives great tension to its users on whether the privacy features on Facebook is secure enough to prevent breaking in’s. Facebook officially does not have any feature or setting that lets Facebook users to keep a track on who all are visiting their Facebook profiles.

However, if you’re also concerned about your privacy in Facebook and if you wish to check out who all are visiting your Facebook Profile, we’re here today with an unexploited way on how to check who all are visiting your Facebook profile.

Before using this method, you must know that there is no official feature until now that will let you check who all are visiting your Facebook profile, and any kind of Facebook application which claims to provide you with details of your Facebook Profile visitors are absolutely FAKE. The method we provide here is not 100% authentic or correct. However, may be appropriate to a large extend.

Know who Visited Facebook Profile

How to Know Who Opened My Facebook profile

* First of all, open your web browser. We recommend Google Chrome. No issues if you use any other web browser provided you have the ability to view a website’s source code from your browser. * Now type in and login using your credentials. Then, navigate to your Facebook profile.

* Once your Facebook profile is completely loaded, right click the mouse button on the background on the browser from your Facebook profile.

* Now from the pop up box that appears, choose “View Page Source”.

* Now a new window, box will appear displaying the Source code of your Facebook Profile page.

* Now from your keyboard, press “CTRL+F” to open up the Search bar within your web browser.

* Search for the word “friendslist”.

* Now the keyword “friendslist” will be highlighted in the Source Code page.

* There will be different sets of numbers following the “friendslist” keyword.

* For example each set of numbers will be in the format “xxxxxxxxxx-2” or “xxxxxxxxxx-3” etc.

* The “xxxxxx” number part that you see in the source code is actually profile id’s of people visiting your Facebook profile. To check out the real profile, copy the “xxxx” part and avoid the “-2” or “-3” part. * Now open a new tab in your web browser and type in and replace the “xxxxx” part with the number set that you acquired before.

* By the above mentioned way, you’ll be able to track people who might be visiting your Facebook profile.

This is How to Know who Visited Your Facebook Profile? . By using this tutorial , you will be able to track the people who opened your Facebook Profile recently. I hope you found this tutorial on how to check who all are visiting your Facebook profile helpful. In case of any queries or doubts, please leave them as comments below.

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